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Hid Conversion Kit 8000K Model

The K value in hid kits refers to the Kelvin value. Kelvin Values impact on the color temperature value. Here is a basic chart to outline this information:

hid kit information chart

hid kelvin chart

3000K (Yellow) - 4300K (Extreme White) - 6000K (Diamond White) - 8000K (Iceberg Blue) - 10,000K (Brilliant Blue) - 12,000K (Violet Purple)

The lower the K value, the higher the brightness level.

What are the advantages of Xenon Bulb?


Power saving: HID lamp only needs 35W of power; it can save more than 50% on electricity use, reducing the burden of electric systems and enhancing performance.

High efficiency: HID lamp can generate 3200 Lumen, increasing light output by 300% in comparison to a halogen bulb. The polar white light color is similar to daylight; research has shown that this enables drivers to concentrate better, especially while driving at night.

Economy: HID lamp has a life-span of 2500 hours, which is 10 times greater than that of a general halogen lamp. Therefore this lamp will only need to be replaced in very rare circumstances.

Easy installation: Produced by using integral advanced technology, easy to install, no need to change original parts.

Contents of the HID Conversion Kit:

* 2 Lamps
* 2 Ballasts
* 2 Adaptor Harnesses
* Instruction Manual

Price: $99.95

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