Full Turbo Kit for 08 Scion xB 2.4L


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This is a Bolt on kit, from manifold to downpipe, catback, intercooler, piping. It was developed in the US and fully tested, bolt on fit.

This kit provides Hardware to Turbo Charge the xB. It Supports 5 to 6 PSI with Stock Injectors and ECU, at about 200 WHP.

It is recommended that you upgrade the ECU and Injectors (many other aftermarket Fuel Management Systems should work this turbo kit). This kit can Produce 250 to 300 WHP.

Highlights of this kit:
- Bolt on kit, keeps stock fuel Injectors and ECU
- Boosts at 5 psi, with ~200 WHP
- Very easy to install, with minimum modification
- Keeps AC, PS, no need to relocate battery
- High Performance Stainless Manifold and downpipe

- T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo, 200 WHP w/ Stock Injector & ECU @5 psi
- ~300HP with upgraded Injectors and ECU
- Side Mount Intercooler, Bar and Plate
- 2.5" Aluminum Mandrel bent Bolt on Piping kit
- Air intake Pipe keeps stock MAF sensor

Items Included on this kit:
- T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo with internal Wastegate, with Oil Kit
- 50 Trim Turbo, 2.5" V-Band Exhaust
- 304 Stainless Steel manifold
- 2.5" Stainless Downpipe Bolt on to Stock Cat-back System
- Aluminum Intercooler, Side mount
- Aluminum Piping kit with necessary Silicon hoses and T-Clamps
- Air intake Pipe, with Stock MAF sensor connection

Price: $2,899.95

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