Turbo Intercooler Downpipe Kit for 86-92 Supra 7MGTE MK3


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This T61 turbo is an Upgrade to Stock CT26 Turbo, has bigger compressor wheel, but Keeps the Stock Manifold and Stock MAF, bolt on Upgrade, Good for 350~400 HP. T61 turbo is oil cool only, need to change stock oil line.

Downpipe is one piece Pipe combined with Turbo elbow and 3" downpipe, with Flexpipe and comes with Two O2 bungs, support stock and Wideband O2 sensors.

Intercooler kit has big front mount intercooler and 2.5" Piping kit comes with BOV, Bolt on fit.

This kit is very simple and easy to install, almost don't need to relocate any other parts, Bolt on fitment. It is the best Solution to upgrade your Supra without doing major changes.

- Newly Developed and New Design, Bolts on fitment to MK3
- Keeps Stock Manifold
- Bolt on Upgrade Turbo, Turbo Elbow pipe+Downpipe, Intercooler, Piping, and BOV.
- Instant ~ 30 to 50 HP gain without tuning. 100 to 150 HP gain with Tuning and Fuel System upgrade
- Comes with Aluminum Bracket, Secure, Nice and Professional Looking.
- Keeps Bumper Support
- High Performance Bar and Plate intercooler
- High Quality Silicon hoses and Stainless T-Blot Clamps
- With BOV flange welded, comes with BOV

Item included:
- Front Mount Intercooler, 3" Core, with Aluminum Mounting Bracket
- T6 Turbo, with Internal Wategate, 8 PSI. Comes with Turbo Gaskets and oil restrictor fitting
- 2.5" Aluminum Piping kit, with Silicon Hoses and T-Bolt Clamps
- 3" Turbo Elbow Pipe + Downpipe (combined into one pipe)
- Blow Off Valve

Price: $2,499.95

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